Write Way

It’s all about who you know, write?


Wishing for Rain, as I stand in the Desert

I’ve always felt so inspired by this song. Inspired to be that guy that my girl could always count on. And then I find you. Coincidence or divine conspiracy? Wrong song, sorry. I am really happy to share this beautiful song with you Telissa and I don’t think I can find one better than this for us. Maybe we need to be by an ocean, just sayin’ . .

Time is Love, Gotta Run…

I couldn’t agree more. Hope you like it

Rules for this Run

I owe Dal big time for letting you have the day off today. Maybe I’ll show him a thing or two out on the course.

We’ve been getting a lot of each other lately, and I just want you to know that I have NOT been overwhelmed, at ALL. You’ve been a real blessing this summer and I am so thankful I met you.

So  what I want to do with this post is start a running list of rules that we add to as we realize what we want. I want to set the expectations for this marathon we’ve started and i don’t mean the actual run we are doing together, either. 😉 I think it’s always important to set expectations and hesitations up front, and luckily we kinda talked about it today. I’ll write one, then you write one, and we’ll see if we don’t learn some things and prevent problems before they come up.

#1 : Take long, smooth, and slow deep breathes. Rule number one is simple: slow and steady wins the race.

One Thing No One Knows About Me

I told myself I would never smoke weed again. It prevented me the ability to stay in touch with what matters. I gave in, smoked just “one last sack” and next thing I know, within the hour, my oldest friends tries to kill himself. Biggest regret of my life – never again. Moral of the story: Count your blessings every single day, don’t wait to tell someone how you feel, and don’t give in when you know what the right thing to do is, no matter how good it might feel.

Thanks for the Memory

Well, it looks like you finally realized you could get me to Uptown. 😉 Thanks for the memory.

This song came on today right after you left. I thought it was an ironic coincidence that the male singer is the famous golf fanatic Bob Hope. Now we have to go to the Bob Hope Classic in Palm Springs. Too bad. . You’re going to have to take a “work” trip. I will make you work though, I promise.

Lunch with you today was enthralling as usual.

The more I get to know you the more I’ll give in to the affection we’re both feeling. I’m not waiting for marriage, I don’t want to rush because I want it to mean something. If you really think about it sex is such a magical and miraculous thing. Just look at what all came of it. You, me, society, Everything.

If we keep having great times together there’s nothing wrong with expressing it with each other. Let’s just not let it get out of control, k pumpkin?